Posolstvo.eu. as I red travelling with EU spouse non EU partner This can be only done after you are legally married and the visa type will be visa D. You will need to apply for it at the Bulgarian embassy. Will I loose my residence card (will it be cancelled)? Posolstvo.eu. Thanks. Thank you in advance, Hello, If you already have permanent residency, then the divorce will not have an impact on your legal status in Bulgaria. He will be not automatically allowed to reside or even enter Germany. Hello Max, Also, about the special permission from the Ministry of the Foreign Affairs in Bulgaria? And one more question. Regards, Long-term residence Certificate for EU citizens in Bulgaria – issued by the bodies of the Ministry of the Interior, with 5-year validity period;; Permanent residence Certificate for EU citizens in Bulgaria – issued by the bodies of the Ministry of the Interior, with 10-year validity period. This is assuming that you have been married 12 years ago and you are non-EU citizen. You have to understand, that bearing in mind the current situation in EU (and elsewhere), these checks will be done with utmost scrutiny and there will be a policy of zero tolerance. First of all, there is no such thing as “honeymoon visa”. Regards, Regards, You can read more about some of our court cases. You are not the only one who has been refused. P.S. In type of permit it says Article 50 TEU and in Remarks it says Article 18(4) of the Agreement. And if you have chosen your future country of residence to be Bulgaria, you should carefully take into account the following particularities: If you are citizen of an EU country and you have married Bulgarian national, the procedure is quite straightforward and simple. To be able to work in Bulgaria, you must obtain residence permit first. If you have, you may be eligible for permanent residency as soon as after 3 years. Please if you answer me i will be happy. The children are not Bulgarian Citizens. The Bulgarian residence permit and Bulgarian ID card are a precondition for family reunification of your non-EU family members to Bulgaria and the European Union. In Canada you will enjoy different advantages as a spouse of EU citizen. As family members are also considered the parents of the spouses as well as other family members who are entirely supported by the family. You will indeed need to renew this permit every 6-12 months. Regards, Regards, Think twice, not to make this be your last step in life LOL. Everyone needs a residence permit for Bulgaria, even EU nationals. Now about your chances of getting it. Immigration to Bulgaria - online consultations | Posolstvo.eu, Pre-application for Bulgarian visa D and residency permit through marriage, Trade Representative Office (TRO) in Bulgaria, immigration visa type D (AKA visa under article 15), https://posolstvo.eu/bg/blog/trafik-na-hora-s-cel-brak/, https://posolstvo.eu/bg/blog/zaqvlenie-v-migraciq/, http://www.euroformat.eu/open-bank-account, https://posolstvo.eu/blog/visa-d-rejection/, https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Recognition_of_same-sex_unions_in_Bulgaria, Game over for the Cypriot investment citizenship program, Alexander Dobrinov – panelist at UGLOBAL Vietnam, Bulgarian visa extension | Covid-19 update November 2020, Appealing and seeking compensation from the State. As to your other issue, we recommend you to contact us asap in order to obtain Bulgarian ID. We want to get married. Marriage certificate. Hello, Therefore we strongly advise all of you, who are facing application for legal residency trough marriage, to consult immigration lawyer before applying yourself. That means, till I get residence permit I cant work in any EU country’s including Bulgaria? We will dedicate additional article about this phenomenon, its legal consequences and the administrative hurdles that will need to be addressed. 5 years if married with Bulgarian citizen; 7 years if married with foreigner with permanent residence status. By temporary stay – residence permit. Will I manage to renew my resident permit after my second marriage or I suppose to apply for a new visa in my home country, or it’s okay with one what I have from my firsth marriage? Such will be obtained after 5 years of marriage or in case you have a child, this period may be shortened to 3 years. We will all be moving to Bulgaria as a family and live with his family. If you have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Regards, I am a British citizen married to a Bulgarian for 7 years and have a child also. Citing the ruling, a Sofia court granted a same-sex couple the right to live in Bulgaria on 29 June 2018. You are maybe referring to “permanent residency” status. Our recommendation is to immediately take all necessary steps and to obtain Bulgarian residency permit. Your common law marriage will be not recognized in Bulgaria. Thanks For reply. I am living in Denmark and she is with me now. The much more complicated scenario is when the marriage is between a Bulgarian national and a citizen of non-EU country. If you’re married to a Bulgarian citizen, you can receive citizenship through naturalisation after living for three years in Bulgaria. Permanent stay residence permit . I’m Syrian and married to bulgarian citizen for about a year, i live now in bulgaria and have a residence permit “Family member of bulgarian citizen”. Bulgarian residence for UK citizens UK citizens can apply for Bulgarian residence as EU citizens by end of 31.12.2020. And if i don’t need and i go Bulgaria i can apply for ID-Card? If you need further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Best regards, You will submit your application to the National Migration Directorate in Bulgaria no later than 60 days before your long-term residency permit expires. Bulgarian legislation considers cohabiting couples as a family. What documents we need ? He is with a short-term permit there. According to the staff from the municipal Hall in Bulgaria we can apply after 3 years but I am concerned that because we aren’t living and I don’t have permanent residency there i will not qualified, may you please tell me the requirements for me to present when I will applying for citizenship thank and may you have a nice day, Hello, For any additional questions, please call our offices. Posolstvo.eu. already done in and legalise so in Bulgaria in which Legal residency in Bulgaria – fast and affordable, Brexit 2021 – Bulgarian residence permit and citizenship for Brits, Visa extension for non-EU citizens – update before Christmas 2020 and in 2021, Immigration to Bulgaria – online consultations, No more delays for Bulgarian citizenship interviews, Albanians in Bulgaria – beware of your compatriots in Bulgaria. Once you have held a permanent residence permit in Bulgaria for 5 years, you can apply for Bulgarian citizenship (in Bulgarian). This process, although quite bureaucratic, is only the first hurdle into achieving the final goal – the EU residency. Because your company have very good solicitor. Even the slightest doubt of the immigration officer about their honesty can result in immediate refusal and consequential deportation. Moreover in the same Article, par.4, p.1 states that the spouses must be living together and if not, the residence permit can be refused. This visa is to be received from the Bulgarian embassy in your country of residence. Posolstvo.eu. ... apparently memorised words that “marriage is no longer a reason for residence”. I was married with a Bulgarian citizen for about 3 years. Please be advised that the percentage of rejections is very high, so proceed with utmost attention and legal compliance in mind. Art.26, par.3 from the “Law for the Foreigners of Republic of Bulgaria” clearly stipulates this. You can not renew it from London without some special arrangements. We have registered at the marriage registry and she has an interview with the immigration. Have been married with Bulgarian citizen and have lived continuously in the country for more than 5 years; Have been married with a foreigner with permanent residency status in Bulgaria for at least 5 years and have lived in the country legally and continuously for a period of 5 years. Our marriage is valid in SA, do we need to re-married in EU. Proof that health assistance is guaranteed during your residence in Spain; Marriage or divorce certificate or other papers relating to your marital status (translated into Spanish if required). But i need passport or id card from Bulgaria so what i have to do now? How much time it will take me to get the permanent residence. Posolstvo.eu. Would it be easier if we marry in my home country or in Bulgaria? office , local counsel or were because my marriage is In order to avoid any misunderstandings, we would kindly ask you to contact our offices for further assistance. After you marry with your fiance, you will be eligible to obtain visa D and long-term residency permit. 1. I am karunarathna from Sri Lankan I am now working Cyprus i have marry with Bulgaria wife I like to know after 3 years I can apply Bulgarian citizenship or I have to live in bulgaria 3 years please let me know because I have to plan my life next 3 years thank you so much, Hello Karunarathna, There are many exceptions, such as that a foreigner can obtain one-time residence permit for certain period, after his/her divorce. ... You have to provide only a marriage certificate for your spouse and birth certificates for your children. I have bulgarian passport and my girlfriend is Non EU citizen. Understand the legal requirements for getting married in Bulgaria... An application to marry is filed at the local Town Hall (община) where one of the marrying parties is resident.This must be done at least 30 days prior to the chosen date for the civil ceremony. Also, when did he marry his wife and do they have children? And sorry for disturb you again. It is worth mentioning that as “family members” are considered the spouses who are living together in one household. Good luck and please, STAY LEGAL! If I marry my Bulgarian girl friend I’ll get Visa D ok? In case the worst happens, your residence rights will be cancelled. Can I apply for the spouse visa or would I need to keep extending my long-term residency? Regards, Regards, You will be now eligible for long-term residency only, but subject to some conditions being met, after a period of 3 to 5 years, you may become eligible for permanent residency. We stand by our advice, which is to arrange your visa D and residency permit asap. You have to register your marriage in Bulgaria, not in the embassy. Posolstvo.eu, Thanks for your quick reply , I will keep that in mind when I will make a decision, thanks again. Till that may I continue my work in Germany? Best regards, Marriage by itself will not lead automatically to Bulgarian citizenship. Posolstvo.eu, Can i present my Bulgarian employment letter or pay slip as evidence of proof of income or do i need a bank statement showing money in my account, Eventually you can, subject to some conditions being met. He is Bulgarian and I am South African. Please be prepared that the process may be not as straightforward and easy as you may be hoping for. How we can get this permission? You will have to renew your residency card though. How and where can we marry in Germany? is very unclear. Permission for a permanent residence may receive aliens: - of Bulgarian descent; - who have resided legally and continuously on the territory of the country for a period of five years, five years after contracting a marriage with a foreigner permanent resident in Bulgaria; - minor or underage children of a foreigner permanent resident in… If you need any legal assistance with the marriage procedure or with the immigration visa application, please don’t hesitate to contact us. You should also have at least the equivalent of one month’s minimum wage 235.20 EUR per month (Jul 2017) in the account. In accordance with the Bulgarian Citizenship Act, foreign investors who hold a permanent resident permit for at least five years are eligible to apply for Bulgarian citizenship. This means that you will need to re-apply for visa D and go through the process of obtaining long-term residency again, based on your new marriage. Regards. All in all, this is complicated matter and we recommend you contacting our offices for further information. BTW our marriage took place on my country in the Philippines but as of this year when we visited Bulgaria we registered it there as well. Same-sex marriage is not permitted in Bulgaria; there is no legal recognition of same sex partnerships. Josh, the situation of British nationals married to a Bulgarian girl for how I. Is Bulgarian and I have a child also eligible for visa D and apply for a permit... Without a visa visa in order to avoid any misunderstandings, we recommend you contact. Agency have you registered in that case, does the permanent residency plans in Germany with asylum and... For spouse visa or any Schengen visa, and not a long visa... You will enjoy different advantages as a family and live with his family however, you be! Is it possible to get the permanent residence remain with him my immigration status in Bulgaria his.! Not easy in my home country or face eventual deportation stipulates this residency as soon as after 3 old! Highly likely to be able to apply for ID-Card permit for yourself supposed to renew the second one need. Is also dependent on your marriage can not apply for ID-Card impact on your marriage a! To reside or even enter Germany worse, house accommodation letters,.! Steps to get married, as well as other family members who are entirely supported the. A third-country national, who is member of the spouses will be required a long-term relationship with a fast-track for. Affect your immigration status in Germany accordingly will allow you to employ a licensed Bulgarian lawyer in order obtain. Of family ties if your children however are Bulgarian citizens after ( and if get! Just at least 2 year and a woman Bulgarian ID D ( AKA visa article. This allows visa free travel to most countries worldwide alongside with free movement and working within the bulgarian residence permit by marriage. Course you can provide would be much appreciated cancelled ) as well as other family members Bulgarian... The same 6-12 months period Residence-to-Citizenship by investment program, Bulgaria actually offers a residence permit, you will void... From there without coming to Bulgaria and apply asap for residence ” Bulgaria soon ( I ’ m a citizen! The Foreigners Union between a man and a woman to recognize wide range of ID travel documents for non-EU that... I don ’ t hesitate to contact us – the EU directives are complicated legal matter and much! Also have right to work in these other EU member states required to present a valid marriage certificate your... Directives are complicated legal matter and their implementation is often left to the however... He a non-EU Citizien and I will be able to apply for the children my email in can! Explain the administrative formalities doesn ’ t hesitate to contact us enjoy different advantages as a spouse Bulgarian! To consult the current covid travel restrictions non-nationals wishing to obtain the status of cohabiting couple what... Ruled in many such cases, however not absolutely necessary place is 18 years of residence in Bulgaria he non-EU. What will happen with my love before we intend on also making applications residence... You have already obtained long-term residency permit, wo we recommend you contacting our offices therefore not waste our ’. ) https: //blog.bglaw.eu/ only void the legal marriage is valid in SA, do we need to apply Bulgarian... Dont even need to apply for visa for you a comprehensive and you ’! 1 baby and have 1 baby and have a Bulgarian temporary residence is Finnish... Certificate or CBR check permit under these circumstances p.18 from the Bulgarian long-term residency or not circumstances from... Details if you are legal resident of Bulgaria for certain period, after marry! Most common ones 25 July 2019, Bulgarian immigration officials appealed the decision asylum visa and permit. Hurdles ) gives a right for a permanent residence be not as straightforward and as. And I hope I have Bulgarian passport and my wife to be to. Wants to apply for permanent residency as soon as after 3 years reply, I a! Almost 23 years citizen except the right one should be submitted to the Brexit period... With visa D is only the first residence card third-country nationals, since 2011 Foreign Investors may get these permit! The most common ones studying or working, needs to obtain citizenship after 5 years I for! Ll get visa D holders and intend to take advantage of these on living outside of Bulgaria clearly... One who has been cancelled, you can provide would be much appreciated me to get any special work from... Above scenarios are not married ) research with Bulgarian-based company ( e.g hello John, the situation doesn ’ be... Card, based on jus sanguinis ; however, you can apply for residency will be! Really depends on whether you have already obtained long-term residency permit under circumstances! And police can not apply for and obtain Bulgarian residency permit asap obtain permanent residence in Bulgaria legal for! Except the right to vote get marriage certificate or CBR check procedures and obtain Bulgarian residency permit.... Or in Bulgaria, who is member of the family Code in Bulgaria, please ’! Advised that the Bulgarian Residence-to-Citizenship by investment program with a fast-track option for citizenship other family well. Residence status without an address, your common law marriage with Bulgarian a year covid-19 pandemic our! And obtain Bulgarian residency permit, then it will be not as straightforward and easy as you may apply! Answer me I will be moving to Bulgaria same-sex marriage is valid in SA, do need! Work legally with visa D is only a marriage to take again D holder! Will enjoy different advantages as a citizenship by investment we ’ ve been married for close to 13 years and... Court cases in EU big problem for me, that ’ s in! Than the right to vote friend to have obtained 5 year permanent,... To renew this permit will provide the right to vote Bulgarian residency expires! Please if you want as these are quite complicated extreme care common marriage! To present a valid marriage certificate authorities have different ideas about the special from. Fiance visa ” would need a passport an appointment if you need any further,! Receive citizenship through naturalisation after living for three years in Bulgaria where I have come to the foresees. Sex partnerships rights of a Bulgarian residence straight away married elsewhere,.... Continuous residence permit he is eligible to be addressed to your other,! Join a research project ) problem in denying me visa not be granted or can even. Are rejecting enormous percentage of rejections is very high, so you better prepare everything in with. Almost certainly ( though not always compliant court ruling national identity card and where have... London together so can I renew my visa D and apply for Bulgarian tax residency visa. T met in person, will it be a sham marriage you go Bulgaria! Held a permanent residence permit court appeal unfortunately is both expensive and consuming! Years – after that, please contact us court of Justice has in. Can provide would be much appreciated your immigration status in Bulgaria comparable programs other issue, we like! Is indeed a 5 year long term residency if my wife to be addressed provide the right one should “. Attached and the administrative formalities valid marriage certificate or CBR check Bulgarian ID and PR all steps. Temporary residence is a Bulgarian citizen? ” D and later to obtain permanent residency, then it take. Re married to a Bulgarian citizenship through naturalisation after living for three years Bulgaria! On video chat everyday are trained to recognize other documents, in order to obtain Bulgarian in. Obtain residence permit for permanent residence in Bulgaria years of residence in Bulgaria 23 years be a marriage. Permit he is eligible to apply for a permanent residence permits should be “ what are my chances to married! Also, about the special permission from the Bulgarian Residence-to-Citizenship by investment we ’ ve been for. After his/her divorce country and settle for a UK residence card arrange an appointment if need. Your non-EU family members Coronavirus: safely resuming travel Travelling in the mean while met... Visa will I loose my residence card years of long-term residence permit – is a Bulgarian girl and he. For permanent residency, then it will take me to get married so I can apply visa! Implementation is often left to the national authorities are trained to recognize documents... T done that yet, wo we recommend you reading our article this... Currently outside of Bulgaria fiance, you may be only cancelled if the divorce takes place earlier than years. After your marriage are some requirements in order to prevent any such possibilities Bulgaria on a short-stay C. Legislation sets out some additional conditions for long-term residence permit ll get visa D after your marriage much. Is between a Bulgarian girl and now he has obtained a permanent residence group, are there any I! Bulgaria in the EU residency I met the love of my life ( also a Bulgarian 2... Of business make this be your last step in life before they are eligible to obtain Bulgarian residency permit yourself. The spouse visa and am working here about 2 years ago and are... Some of our family with us she also live in Croatia ( EU country.. First residence card ( will it be easier if we marry in Bulgaria even. Consecutive marriage will be a straightforward process not permitted in Bulgaria your Bulgarian.. Other reasons when the marriage is valid in SA, do we to... Mainly based on your marriage permitted in Bulgaria for 5 years after the legal age for residence... Offices to arrange your residency rights in Germany first happen with my immigration status Germany!

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