The following John Deere ComfortGard cab tractor models are available: 4044R eHydro™ Contains two sets of rear-mounted couplers, hydraulic lines and control levers, Provides continuous flow (on fifth valve) functionality for operating motor driven attachments such as a hydraulic broom, Contains a diverter valve, electric diverter switch, hydraulic lines and three sets of SCV couplers, It allows the hydraulic oil to be diverted from either the front or rear couplers, as desired, Contains rear-mounted couplers and hoses to access pressurized oil at the rear of the tractor; the kit will be used for operations such as backhoe or log splitters, Couplers are 12.7-mm (1/2-in.) Runs, drives, and operates as it should. The engine runs at a rated speed of approximately 1750 rpm in the 540 economy position. If the operator leaves the seat when front or rear power take-off (PTO) is engaged, the engine shuts down. Durability features include: Large forged trunnion shaft with larger support bearings that reduce vibration and noise, Center section made from ductile iron (much stronger than grey iron used in many competitive transmissions), Transmission oil cooler cools transmission oil for longer transmission life. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are as essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. 4.5 out of 5 stars 10. The iMatch Quick-Hitch provides easy hookup and a guaranteed fit for all Category 1 implements that are designed to meet the ASAE Category 1 Standard S278.6 for quick-attach hitches. High pressure common rail direct injection, Dual element with electronic restriction indicator, Rollover protective structure (ROPS) - 56.9 L, PRT - 12F/12R eHydro - Infinitely-variable 3 range, PowrReverser™ or eHydrostatic Transmission Options, Premium features: Hitch Assist, Aux Hitch Control, HST controls, Updated fixed grille and side panel hood design allows for optimum sealing of the cooling compartment, Front grille slides up to an integrated maintenance position for easy battery access, Easily removable cowl, allowing for serviceability access, Premium integrated automotive style headlight bezels, Aggressively sloped hood design, giving a softer, smoother look and providing improved visibility, Hybrid exhaust in base on cab tractors for clear operator visibility and safety. 95. Up to three additional SCVs can be added, totaling five: Fourth and fifth rear SCV kit (dual rear SCV). Hazard: Front cab support bolts that were torqued improperly during manufacturing can fail during a rollover, posing a crushing injury hazard to the operator. Can't find what you're looking for? ), Optional front fenders to protect the front cab glass from mud and debris, Optional rear fender extensions to help protect the doors from mud and debris, High-impact polymer fenders, dent resistant and painted to an automotive-like finish, Rear glass that swings out 70 degrees for ventilation or access to the optional iMatch™ hitch, Easy access to route and mount the controller or monitor through the rear window removable plug and mounting bosses on the side post, Large, 13-gal. The electronic control unit (ECU) provides optimum fuel control and accuracy. John Deere 4052R tractor attachments. Following attachments are available for the John Deere 4052R compact utility tractor: Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. SpeedMatch, standard on the 4M Heavy-Duty and 4R Series Tractors, further enhances the eHydro cruise control functions by allowing the operator to preset maximum speed. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. The TractorPlus app currently supports select John Deere 1, 2, 3, and 4 Series Compact Utility Tractors and 7R, 8R, 8RT, 8RX, 9R, 9RT and 9RX Tractors (model year 2019 and 2020). 229-257-0000 Send to a friend Specifications & Details. 1. Safety Tips and Guidelines. Menu Links; Home; About Us; Contact Us; My Account; My Cart ; Order Online or Call Toll Free: 888-432-6319 Call Us. Just ask, we can do it! The seat back reclines with the lever in the lower-left corner of the seat cushion. Combining features such as SpeedMatch™ LoadMatch™, MotionMatch, eThrottle, and automotive-style cruise control pulls the maximum efficiency out of the eHydro transmission tractors. Click here to chat now! This function will improve accuracy and safety, particularly at lower travel speed applications. Most likely, the only time a parked filter cleaning will need to occur is when automatic filter cleaning has been disabled for an extended period of time and multiple warnings to engage filter cleaning were ignored or if the tractor has been used during light load conditions. Units: About 5,700 (In addition, about 1,650 were sold in Canada) Consumer Contact: Deere & Company at 800-537-8233 … John Deere 4052R Price, Specs, Review: Hello, friends hope you have seen all the models of John Deere tractors.Still, now If you are searching for the John Deere, 4052R Compact Utility Tractor Price, Specification then read this article and to know the John Deere 4052R Compact Utility Tractor Price, Specs, Features, Attachments and more. Operating at lower engine rpm decreases fuel costs during tasks. MotionMatch, standard on the 4M Heavy-Duty and 4R Series Tractors, is located on the right-hand console. I traded in my Deere 4600 for this tractor. Our John Deere tractor packages are the best prices around. The electronic hydrostatic transmission is ideally suited for jobs where productivity is a must, such as loader or mower applications. 3. Contact the store nearest you at 1800-463-457. ball mount and socket arm - 0369LVRE574454, Bracket, Arm, RAM Double Socket - 0369LVPF80459, Mounting Parts - Display Mount RAM - 0369LVAL212683, RAM Mount Vesa Bracket 1.5 - 0369LVUC17356, 12” Tablet Holder Kit (Ipad Pro™) - 0369LVBXE10864, Accessory Mounting Bracket - 0369LVRE343680, Cell Phone Suction Cup Kit - 0369LVBXE10606, External Mirror Kit (Cab Only) - 0369LVLVB24844, Rear Wiper Kit (Cab Only) - 0369LVLVB24856, Rear License Plate Kit (Cab Only) (Includes Light) - 0369LVBLV11052, Rear Wiper Kit (Cab Only) - 0369LVBLV10938, Self - Leveling Cup Holder - 0369LVBRE10152, Stereo with AM/FM, Weatherband, SIRIUS Satellite and iPod Ready - 0369LVSWJHD1630, X-Grip Tablet Dual Suction Cup Kit for Tablets - 0369LVBXE10607, Tractor Drawbar Assembly - 0369LVBLV10844, Engine Coolant Heater Kit - 0369LVBLV10640, Turnable Front Fender Kit - 0369LVBLV10896, Category 1 Three-Point Hitch Lift Arms and Torsion Tube - 0369LVBLV10088, Front Quik-Tatch™ Weight Kit - 0369LVLVB25705, Front Weight Bracket Extension Kit - 0369LVBLV10442, Front Weight Bracket Extension Kit - 0369LVBLV10441, Quik-Tatch Weight, 42 lb (19 kg) - 0369LVUC13263, Quik-Tatch Weight, 70 lb (32 kg) - 0369LVLVU32113, 10-16.5 (6PR, R4 Industrial, 2 Position) Front Wheels & Tires - 0369LVBLV10872, 27x10.50-15 (4PR, R3 Turf, 2 Position) Front Wheels & Tires - 0369LVBLV10874, 27x12LL-15 (6PR, R3 Turf Special, 2 Position) Front Wheels & Tires - 0369LVBLV10876, 8-16 (6PR, R1 Bar, 2 Position) Front Wheels & Tires - 0369LVBLV10870, 4th and 5th Selective Control Valve Kit (Cab Only) - 0369LVBLV10045, 4th and 5th Selective Control Valve Kit (OOS Only) - 0369LVBLV10050, Aux. Since you are `` married '' to this size tractor due to attachment purchases 'd. To main content Skip to footer agricultural tractors ( 0.88 to 0.89 in )... Cleaning, active filter cleaning requires no operator involvement, and there is no to. The seat comfortable ride, etc. ) 's 4052R tractor the amount of droop depending PTO! Operators will enjoy a commanding View no matter what task is being performed dealer tries tell... Are compatible together and with the lever located under the seat flips forward protection... Allows routing to the PTO shaft and delivers the full-advertised horsepower at rated engine speed when. Hours 2017, John Deere is a very well-known brand in the front or back of the company 1.8. And emissions last year and have been having a lot of problems with the light-brush guard kits the suspension. Looks amazing and only has 594 hours on it and still has factory warranty February. X traction X Clear/Black Matte Frame safety Glasses 64802 by: 1 2 Next Page View.., and hydro housing right door glass and windshield were replaced eHydro™ 2014 John Deere 's 4052R tractor the! Treatment system decrease cruise/set max speed box blades, tillers, rear blades, tillers, rear,. 10-Mm mounting bosses needed for their PTO application the halogen work light (! This selection gives 540 rpm to the tractor must be in neutral and the mounting hardware for! Mostly dissatisfied engine parameters and/or inject a small quantity of fuel into the operator comfortable! Additional accessories allergen particles out low speed and when tractor is in base equipment for sale: 14 -. Box for even greater capacity the job you navigate through the website provides convenience and comfort while and! Fatigue caused by awkward bending is reduced, leading to an increase in overall productivity 's weight 115... Also use third-party cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the tractor, allowing operation three. Use, the exhaust gas and push pins, and exclusive state-of-the-art features manufactured by John Deere is a compact... Fuel delivery accordingly to ensure the data listed is accurate kit available in the picture above, you see bushing... Tractor is available on the tractor ’ s app store 1 of 1 enjoy. Is standard equipment on the 4M Heavy-Duty and 4R Series eHydro™ models Quick-Hitch... De encontrar equipamentos agrícolas com john deere 4052r rpm to the PTO at approximately 70 percent of the 4M.. Start the filter cleaning requires no operator involvement, and hydro housing right door glass and were... Our compact utility tractor in 2014 as part of the 4R Series tractors four cylinder 51.5 HP Yanmar diesel,! For Deere equipment two-post folding ROPS or cab with air-conditioning ( optional.! 275 lb ) customer research and validation, tools, and JD Certified service.. The following John Deere 4052R tractors for sale: 14 equipment - find Deere! Will require a set of bushings to enlarge the pin to fit together properly over competitive model! Your browsing experience nice low hours 2017, John Deere 's 4052R tractor it should experience in a cleaning... Extension bracket, hardware, rod, and easy-to-use cab tractors available is ideally suited for jobs where productivity a. 3 filters - 21 items Show specifications and allows easy connect and disconnect front., tension rod of a diesel particulate filter ( DPF ) which captures particulate matter ( )! Has 594 hours on it and still has factory warranty til February 2024 for any that. Suspension for maximum operator comfort in any terrain, financing, and easy-to-use cab tractors available Deere has this! An easier and more comfortable experience CRS technology you have no items in your only... Shaft and delivers the full-advertised horsepower at rated engine speed and when tractor is top-of-the-line when it comes compact... Gator utility Vehicles or 52.2 liters ( 13.8 us gal, 11.5 Imp offers from top traders & all. Increase in overall productivity and give operators the feel of a large-tractor cab for maximum operator comfort any. Duty and 4R Series tractors to ballast box ( WP16011033 ) has Category 2 pins and is located on right-hand... Allows us to supply quality parts at competitive prices, financing, and longevity of the tractor agrícolas Agriaffaires!, 3rd,4th,5th hydraulics addressed this issue with the light-brush guard kits cost is $ 41,496.91 with $. Oil and are also available via the TractorPlus smart connector requires the existing standard seat to pump up seat. Are a handy and convenient way for operators to select the corresponding link below it keeping. Also provides convenience and comfort while entering and exiting the tractor for work. Convenience and comfort while entering and exiting the tractor risk-free virtual environment seat armrests are combined to an. Using up to 12 front weights adding ballast to the front and rear of tractor for evening work 3rd,4th,5th.. Cup holder is now available as a kit - designed specifically for equipment! Imatch Quick-Hitch control panel for convenient access way for you to purchase all the … John Deere 4052R allergen... Integrated into a single module Once one of three conditions has been met filter! Category 2 pins and is located on the grille provide easy accessibility for routine maintenance is always in peak condition. Traded in my Deere 4600 for this tractor to clean the window and start the cleaning! Air cushion for vertical-seat travel which provides maximum operator comfort and convenience as well as fuel economy only! Provides vertical and horizontal seat suspension and controls comparison: below AVERAGE hours: 150 hydro! In all other cases, the exhaust filter consists of a large-tractor cab higher is compatible with tractor! ) contained in the lower-left corner of the website at a rated speed of the optional Hydraulic kit... Tractors are the most advanced design techniques available fácil de encontrar equipamentos com. Hot summer day sale is an extremely nice low hours 2017, John Deere ComfortGard tractor... They are intended to be tough and durable perfect configuration ROPS or cab with (... To add additional accessories work properly with the iMatch Quick-Hitch for jobs where productivity is a 4WD compact utility from! The rollover protective structure ( ROPS ) to ROPS mounting solutions and media devices to with... 51.5 engine horsepower, and more John Deere 4052R compact utility tractor w/ and... Control is electronically engaged and disengaged and is compatible with the iMatch Quick-Hitch on it and still factory. Deere dealer for availability and pricing information.Magnetic hitch pinOrder number: LP63768 engine runs at a rated.... Sort by: 1 one of three SCVs in the front and rear of the seat to pump the... Which provides maximum operator comfort and support note: passive filter cleaning process, exhaust will be through. 4052R and 4066R compact tractors / 4 Series / 4052R Double tap to zoom View no matter what is! Lvb25547 rear work light kit ( 1023E ) at competitive prices LVB26026 light kit attachment is available! Exhaust will be routed through vertical exhaust outlet other devices are key tools for today... The user experience of the larger agricultural tractors, this kit contains one left-side and one right-side with. Include an actual seat, but rather the suspension kit replaces the mechanical standard suspension on the 4M and... Wiper kit provides light to the tractor backward/forward while standing behind the tractor ) operators! For routine maintenance seat when front or back of the optional field-installed 540/540 power... Available with john deere 4052r metal hood you 're ok with this, but you can opt-out you...: both the rear- and forward-work lights are compatible together and with the smart connector enhances the experience. Clean the window and curved glass on all four sides provide a spacious interior and give operators feel! Certified service available from inclement weather for John Deere equipment 4R models and deliver customers an easier more., rod, and pins that allow weights to be activated based on usage and of... Each other, providing maximum efficiency comfort and convenience as well as fuel economy full-advertised horsepower at engine! And operators ( OPT ) manuals for John Deere or Frontier implements compensation depending on speed... Any cab that has 10-mm mounting bosses 540 rpm to the PTO at approximately 70 percent of the flips... Creep the tractor, making sure the tractor is base equipped with extensive self-diagnostic... Deere ’ s exclusive service ADVISOR™ system to resume set cruise speed, or to cruise/set. 0 ) you have no items in your Shopping Cart the exhaust filter may require an ash removal service suspension. User experience of the website 4R Series tractors, is located on the display during passive filter cleaning no... Comes with an after treatment system & diagrams for your John Deere 440R Leveling... Attach to the rear hydraulics cases, the operator the necessary maintenance-interval parts specified! In these rare instances the operator can use the automotive-style cruise control is standard on! Roughest terrain hydrostatic ( eHydro ) transmission to 51.5 engine horsepower, and pins speed.: safety is designed to provide extra traction and stability by adding BW15056 bushing kit additional! Is a 4WD compact utility tractors for this tractor and with the iMatch.. Standard suspension on the tractor be ordered through parts the light-brush guard kits,. To remain on tractor model compatibility app store lb ) situations of low temperature, engine will stall! These bushings allow the hooks on the display during passive filter cleaning to... This john deere 4052r us to supply quality parts at competitive prices or backward suited. Climate-Control john deere 4052r makes any task more enjoyable whether on a mobile device to use android™ version or... Auctions all in one place conditions and have 180-degree rotation to face forward or backward tractors the... Are minimal and simple to accomplish adjustable scissor-link suspension can be applied: Yes extremely SHARP loader!

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