names They too would be taken to Volcano Rock city like the other Trolls. Do Not Sell My Personal Information - CA Resident Only. But soon after, the Funk Princes produce music, and the Trolls start to realize they don't need the Strings anymore. She also acts condescending when she manages to hold Poppy captive. He is a violet-grey troll with a rocker outfit consisting of a black beanie hat, jean vest, white shirt, torn black pants, leather finger-less gloves, and a red handkerchief with a skull print. Barb is a muddy-red colored Rock Trollwith a red mohawk. Her head was initially so large that it caused issues with her face and had to be scaled down by 10%.[1]. Barb at one point is joined onstage by Biggie and the Pop Trolls she missed, but their disguises fool her and Barb doesn't click that they aren't Rock Trolls. Rachel Bloom She's upset when Debbie has been dressed up by Poppy, losing her temper and throwing a violent tantrum. Queen of the Rock Trolls Our site has located a curated variety at hard to beat prices. Product ID: 256932102010974962Created on: 3/4/2020, 6:18 PM. Other Info. She's also taller than many similar-sized Trolls, claiming herself to be 1 centimeter taller than Queen Poppy (this would be a lot, since the average height of a Troll is 6 inches). Queen Barb Offscreen, and after Poppy, Biggie and Branch left Lonesome Flats, Barb takes the Country String from Delta Dawn and the Country Trolls. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. This makes her 3D model very expressive, and DreamWorks seems to take advantage of it. Find your queen barb guitar. Female Now kids can groove along to their favorite song from DreamWorks new animated movie, Trolls World Tour, with Barb’s Mini Groovin’ Guitar. First Appearance Barb has a fairly large set of eyes compared to most other models of Trolls in the series. Her more realistic approach to the world lets her see how the Tribes were different, which was a stark contrast to Poppy who believed everyone was the same, but she didn't see how this was positive. trolls world tour trolls music troll dolls trolls movie kids movie cute queen barb rock n roll electric guitar character art. Barb … Discover DreamWorks Trolls World Tour Barb, Doll Figure with Guitar Accessory, Toy Inspired by the Movie Trolls World Tour, for ages 4 YEARS+, and find where to buy this product. Species If you can hear the sound of a heavy rock guitar, it’s very likely that it’s Queen Barb slamming away on her wireless, electric guitar. HARD! As Queen of the Rock Trolls, it was her sworn duty to protect her music, including the red string of Rock, until she learnt music comes from inside. Troll She wears heavy black makeup around her eyes. ROCK! Barb often makes a sneer to the right side of her face when she smiles. Relationships Its compact size makes this Groovin’ Guitar perfect for kids to take along with them wherever they go. Occupation Only then will Barb have what she craves—the power to control all music![2]. Poppy puts Barb on the spot by telling her that a good queen should listen to her subjects (forcing Barb to have to ignore or consider what Riff just said). Barb’s Mini Groovin’ Guitar plays “Crazy” and guitar solos from the movie. When she regains her colors after her redemption, Barb briefly has longer and rainbow-colored hair. Popping out of the earth in a burst of red light, she riffs on “Crazy Train” on a demon-skull guitar while menacing Queen … Barb didn't seem to realize, or perhaps she just didn't care, that her motives and her methods to destroy all the other Tribes' music so that all are united under Rock is basically the same thing the ancient Pop Trolls did, which made her a hypocrite, if not a worst villain due to converting Trolls into Rock zombies. Her teeth are more like fangs in earlier trailers, but they are seen more rounded in later clips and her nose is shaped like an arrow head. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Hallmark 2020 Queen Barb guitar Trolls World Tour Christmas Ornament at the best online prices at eBay! Her left ear is missing the tip and she has an earring in it, on her other ear are two earrings. In the movie Trolls World Tour, Queen Poppy and her friends go on an epic, Trolls-tastic journey to save all music. Ages 3+. $23.70. As Barb goes to play the ultimate power cord on her guitar, Branch appears in Sheila Balloon along with the K-Pop Gang and Tresillo. But judging by how the other Rock Trolls treated her (as their queen and leader and not as a fellow Troll to befriend), it seemed that she was lonely and wanted real companionship. This awesome guitar features Barb and is decorated with spikes and a skull. See our price match guarantee. She is known for a long series of country hits in the 1970s and 1980s and her own primetime … Due to part of her left ear being missing, Queen Barb is the only Troll to show a form of physical mutilation. Barb is a middle aged Rock Trolls muddy red with amaranth eyes, a missing piece of her left ear, fang-like teeth and is distinguished from other trolls of his tribe by red hair wearing a mohawk. Condition is New. He drops a 400-page manual on Barb's head. Family In the beginning, Barb misunderstands Poppy's friendship request, believing that Poppy is making fun of her since she regards Poppy as selfish as the ancient Pop Trolls, losing her temper after receiving Poppy's glitter card and burning it. Free Printable Trolls 2 Queen Barb Pdf Coloring Page. When influenced by the Tribes' unification music, her hair grows larger and gains some black and rainbow streaks. Barb is perplexed as the response from Poppy states she wants to be friends with Barb, but Barb is unconvinced that is possible as friendship takes time. Kids will love recreating their favorite scenes from the Trolls World Tour movie. It's the same reason why Rock and Heavy Metal bands rarely smile when featured on covers of their own albums. An early design of Queen Barb with white hair, also drawn by Timothy Lamb. It was also mentioned in Trolls World Tour: The Junior Novelization that she was under pressure to please her dad. HAIRLELUJA! Barb finally meets Poppy and is not impressed by whom she meets, viewing her as a "Popsqueak" because she's 1cm shorter than her, and realizing she never had anything to worry about the entire time. Friends Profile Barb's appearance is quite reminiscent to a bat. She has heavy black makeup around her eyes. In terms of clothing, Barb dresses in a rocker style: a torn tank top, studded bracelet, two earrings on his right ear and only one on the left, black fishnets on the legs and black panties. Her pink hue and bright red hair makes her a lot more distinct from other Rock Trolls that are mostly color… She’s a fierce-looking Troll Queen, with the strength and grace of Joan Jett, the no-holds barred attitude of Wendy O. Williams, and the sassy swagger of Blondie. She first appeared as the main antagonist of Trolls World Tour. When designing her, the concept designers went for a rebellious young woman who was typical of her genre. Origin Tribe Barb appears in a number of Trolls World Tour merchandise, including Hasbro's Small Range and "Stylin'" fashion dolls. Barb is distraught by the loss of the Strings, and that rock music has been destroyed; she then scornfully puts the blame on Poppy and her tribe for ruining her plans and destroying all music. Barb, also referred to by her full name of Barbara, is the queen of the Rock Trolls and Thrash's daughter. Concept art by Timothy Lamb of Barb yelling at Riff. If you can hear the sound of a heavy rock guitar, it’s very likely that it’s Queen Barb slamming away on her wireless, electric guitar. Instead, she saw the only way to unite the Trolls as being under one music, which she believed should be her own music: Rock. Debbie is Barb's pet bat, whom she has a strong affection for. Directed by Walt Dohrn, David P. Smith. However, her colors seem a bit inconsistent, like Branch's, going between a darker pinkish red/lavender and a muddier red. "Popsqueak/Pipsqueak" - refers to Poppy being 1 centimeter shorter than Barb herself. Her short hair is very similar to how Branch's hair is shorter than most Trolls. Decorate your Cake with this Trolls World Tour themed Edible Cake Topper Image featuring Poppy Singing and Queen Barb Playing Guitar! Her teeth appeared to be like fangs in early trailers, but are more rounded in later clips and the movie itself, and her nose is shaped like an arrow head. His eyes are not visible. She rides around inside a gigantic leather & denim-clad Troll creature (that doubles as her de facto tour bus), and she surveys her hard rock domain from an imposing fortress that’s located at the center of an active volcano. A play on words, she calls Poppy a "sucker", meaning she's gullible. When the song ends, Poppy offers to be Barb's friend, to which Barb finally accepts. Near the end of the song, Barb finally caves in and can't resist, joining in as Poppy hands her her old guitar. Trolls World Tour | Barb Shredding On Her Guitar T-Shirt. She even insults him after he's transformed into a Rock zombie, calling him a "boytoy". However, after witnessing how Poppy has encouraged the reunification of Tribes and how she (along with the other Tribe leaders) helped everyone realize that music truly comes from within them all, Barb finally appreciates and becomes friends with Poppy. Queen Poppy (formerly)Branch (formerly) Poppy appears as though she is converted, and Barb hands Poppy the guitar to convert the remaining leaders' family members King Peppy, Cooper and Prince D to Rock Zombies as an act of cruelty against them. Although mostly a callous Troll, Barb does have a soft spot particularly to the kids form her tribe as they admire her as a queen. Barb is the rebellious leader of hard rock. Barb displayed a twisted cruelty when she tossed the guitar holding the Strings to Rock-zombified Poppy so she would be the one who converted King Peppy and the Funk Twins. Queen Barb is shown to be a zealous hard rocker at heart, who loves the members of her Tribe and her music. Posted by 16 days ago. In her victory concert and Just Sing, she appears in a white V-neck jumpsuit with torn legs, spiked ankles, and red wing-like decorations on the arms; she still has the same belt. Part of the "The Sound of Silence" scene was meant to test out how she would interact with Poppy and that her assets were working. Quotes. Queen Poppy and Branch make a surprising discovery – there are other Troll worlds beyond their own, and their distinct differences create big clashes between these various tribes. She had a disdain for their genres of music that she sought to rob them of their … Queen Barb Guitar. undefined out of 5 stars with undefined reviews. Shop a bunch of queen barb guitar for sale on the internet. Unknown to Barb, as they attack Poppy, Branch and their new friend Hickory are just leaving having been sent on their way by Prince Cooper. Barb herself notes to Poppy that her people often pretend to be her friends, and only tell her what she wants to hear. In concept art, Riff's name was "Spyke", likely to make his name match Barb's as both refer to pointy objects. Reina Barb (Spanish) She moves Debbie away so that she doesn't accidentally harm her. She offers to spare the music of and give a small territory to whomever brings her Poppy. But it's presumed that with Barb's change of heart, they're now friends. Another early design of Barb with long red and black hair by Timothy Lamb. Trolls World Tour: The Junior Novelization,,, When the Queen of the Hard Rock Trolls tries to take over all the Troll kingdoms, Queen … To ensure her domination, Barb is putting together a “hard-rock apocalypse,” in which she will transform all Trolls into leather-and-denim-clad hard-rock zombies. She appeared to be quite eager to impress him by her conquest.